Renshaw Cake Decorating Products by Mr Baker

Once upon a time, if one was looking to decorate a cake, one’s options were somewhat limited. Of course, there was chocolate, marzipan or even pourable or royal icings. However, complex
decorating with these mediums was not accessible to the humble home baker, but rather a skilled trade honed during many years of apprenticeship and training. However, in the 1950s that all changed with the advent of a modern phenomenon: rolled fondant icing AKA sugarpaste.

That faithful friend to decorators the world over – from first-time bakers to multi-award- winning sugar artists – sugarpaste finally allowed cake decorators to start to push the boundaries of cake
artistry and we have never looked back. Thanks to the continuing surge in the popularity of home baking, even our humble supermarkets now stock a mouth-watering array of ingredients and I am sure these serve the many cake decorators who use them perfectly well.

However, with experience comes preference and thus the age-old question is inevitably posed in a variety of cake groups, “Which sugarpaste is the best?” In case you haven’t seen such a thread yourself, the answer is never simple. It seems sugarpaste preference could be considered a rather personal question.

Now, rather than bore you with a weighty tome on the relative merits of the huge selection currently available in stores, I guess I had better just come clean and admit it. My name is Mr Baker
and I am firmly on #TeamRenshaw. Established in 1898 in our very own Great Britain, Renshaw has over 100 years of experience in baking and cake decorating, product innovation and inspiration. Personally, I discovered Renshaw’s range of Ready-to- Roll icings as a total ‘cake noob’ back in 2014 simply because they were stocked at my local hobby and craft store and although I may have occasionally strayed away from them in the past (more fool me!), their broad range of pre-coloured sugarpastes, flower & modelling pastes and more always managed to draw me back in. They’re just so darn accessible and user-friendly!

However, what might have passed you by is that Renshaw has been beavering away for some time now on their newest mission: to ensure that they have a sugar paste able to meet the needs of all of their clients all of the time. In their own words, to provide “a sugar paste for every cake decorating need”. And at Cake International in November, they finally revealed the results of their efforts – a whole new range of stunning products that, at least in this humble artist’s opinion, have delivered them right to the top of the podium as far as cake decorating suppliers go – and they’re still entirely home-grown!

Do not fret though dear reader! All of your existing favourites are still very much in existence, from the ridiculously broad range of pre-coloured Ready-to- Roll icings to my long-time favourite Flower & Modelling Paste. But joining the line up are so many amazing new products! To introduce the complete family, there’s now the Covering Paste, the Premium Cover Paste, a Confectionary Ready to Roll Icing, the traditional Ready-to- Roll Icings, the new Extra Ready-to- Roll Icing, a new Modelling Paste, the new Belgian Chocolate Modelling Pastes and an ultra-fine Petal Paste. And breathe…I was lucky enough to have a bit of an advanced preview of some of the new products while they were still in the development phase and the Belgian Chocolate Modelling Paste alone was a
complete godsend during the Magical Dragon Machine project last year.

Similarly, I have been completely and utterly converted by the new Extra Ready-to- Roll Icing and have yet to be disappointed with the results I have been able to create with it. If you’re looking for a user-friendly sugarpaste with a good amount of elasticity and that takes colour well with no dreaded
elephant skin, then Renshaw Extra is the paste for you. And to fans of the more premium pastes, I’d heartily encourage you to give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.
The Renshaw modelling paste remains flexible longer than traditional modelling pastes, allowing for easy correction of mistakes and ideal for fine detail work. It also has a smooth and soft texture, good elasticity and rolls out thinly. It is also easy to colour or airbrush.I’ve yet to crack open my first box of the Renshaw Petal Paste, but I am already hearing great reviews from my more florally-inclined friends. Oh, and the best part? All of the new products are
available right here at! Hayley and Michael have even put together a product bundle so you can try them out for yourself for the utter bargain price of only £19.29!


So you don’t even need to just take my word for it – hit up the link to see for yourself: multi-product- bundle-p4609

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