“I’m putting together a show” by Rob Baker-Gall

Our resident in-house blogger, Rob Baker-Gall of Mr Baker’s Cakes is putting together a very special project, so, naturally, he turned to us to help him bring it to life.
Rob will also be taking us with him on this journey through a series of exclusive posts over the next few months, so make sure you’ve bookmarked this page to ensure you don’t miss out on a single one…

I’d like to introduce you to a rather special young man.

This is my godson Jacob. Aged just four years old, Jacob will be starting school in September, shortly before his fifth birthday. He is also one of my biggest fans when it comes to cake – he really does love the cake!
My caking journey has pretty much grown up with Jacob – Mr Baker’s Cakes is also four – and over the years, I have made his christening cake and all four of his birthday cakes so far.

This year though, for his fifth birthday, Jacob decided he wanted to design his own birthday cake. It was all very secretive and he wouldn’t even discuss it with his mother – it had to be me. When we sat down together, he informed me in a very matter of fact way that it was to be inspired by his favourite film and it needed to include this character. Oh, and this one. And this one. And this one… the list went on.
I’ll be honest, it was one of those moments, where you start off with a smile on your face and gradually this smile becomes more and more fixed while your eyes betray the true turmoil going on within.
But there was more. As Jacob’s excitement grew, he explained how he would like one of the key characters to actually be moving. And the cake should play the theme tune, of course.
Of course, because why not?
I think it was at this point that his mother, who was immensely enjoying my discomfort, started egging him on and a whole range of animals were added to the mix as well – thanks, Lauren!
At the time, I laughed it off saying I would do what I can, but then I got to thinking…
Jacob and his family have been going through some stuff lately – well, are still going through some stuff – although it is really not my place to discuss the details here, but it made me wonder whether this could actually be done – I’d love to be able to do something amazing for them. And after all, as one of the key inspirations behind this project once said, “Men suffer more from imagining too little than too much.”

And so, a project was born.
I am very privileged that during my time in cake – and blogging about cake – I have been lucky enough to meet and get to know a whole host of talented individuals. It was to some of them that I reached out to support this project and I have honestly been overwhelmed by the support that they have shown to a plan that is so close to my heart…
I have a whole host of crazily-talented individuals, many of whom you will already know, who are currently beavering away across the country crafting a huge array of modelled people and animals, while yet more are busy creating the huge number of cakes and dummy cakes that will provide the backdrop to this scene. A couple of particularly daring individuals have decided to up the ante even further with talks of mechanical elements and even more besides (some of which is making me feel
almost queasy at the thought to having to put it all together myself) and then, of course, there is the issue of music, which I will be handling.
I can honestly say that you will never have seen a cake like this before and probably never will again.
“But what is the inspiration for this amazing project?” I hear you cry…
Well, I have peppered a few clues throughout the piece, but if you still haven’t quite figured it out yet, then perhaps the name will help…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: “The Greatest Showpiece”

This entire project would not be possible without the incredible help and support of the individual artists who are donating their time and expertise, free of charge and over the next twelve weeks – from now until the reveal – I will be introducing them to you, explaining how they are bringing their unique skillsets to the project and giving you a little sneak peek of what they have been working on.
I must also offer my sincere thanks to Fabricake Sugarcraft Ltd for their support in bringing this project to life.

Rob Baker-Gall – AKA Mr Baker’s Cakes – is a caking and baking blogger at blog.mrbakerscakes.co.uk
He regularly posts interviews, recipes and tutorials, as well as writing about all things cake in his weekly e-zine, Something Sweet.

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